Shielding & Chamber Accessories

AP Americas Has All The Tools You Need


HF Emission-Free, Bright, and Energy Efficient

The right lighting creates a safe working environment and a bright, pleasant ambience. Depending on your requirements, we provide special halogen, fluorescent, or LED lamps. Heat is factored in for placement of any heat-producing lighting.

Emission Testing

HF emission-free lamps to ensure that the tests are not falsified

50W, 100W, & 200W versions available

Electric winches available for high

Signal Lines, Power Supply, Feedthroughs, Ventilation

Every connection precisely where you need it, without impairing the shield’s functionality.

Recessed floor connection

Floor connection panel at the center of the turntable

Wall connection panel

Honeycomb ducts for air exchange

Pipe feed-through

Network filter

Image, Audio, Monitoring

Technical Communication Systems between your chamber and control room

Provide test cycle coordination


Safely monitor all processes from outside the chamber

  • Telephones
  • Microphones
  • Video cameras, controllers, & storage
  • Infra-red camera
  • Digital video technology
  • Monitors
  • Loudspeakers
  • Signal lamps
  • Smoke alarm systems

EMC video camera on a wooden tripod

Control room with video controller and video monitoring

EMC video camera and pressure chamber loudspeaker

Signal lamp

Smoke detector fitted outside the test chamber