Radio Frequency Shielded Enclosures

  • A completely closed frame of metal ensures that electromagnetic radiation cannot penetrate or escape. 
  • This makes certain that external influences do not interfere with the measurements. 

Premium Shielding

We deliver shielded rooms made of bolted, full metal modules to satisfy the highest requirements. This design is resistant to moisture, temperature fluctuation, and mechanical stress. Effective shielding is therefore guaranteed in the long term, whatever the conditions may be.

Welded Shielding

We recommend welded shielding to accommodate strong condensation or for environments in which aggressive chemicals are used.

Technical Data

Galvanized sheet steel with a thickness of 2 mm
20 µm galvanic coating
275 g/m2 galvanization grammage

The shielding is carried by a stable steel skeleton

Bolted shielding, inside

Bolted shielding modules with HF sealing





Aerospace & Defense

Consumer Electronics