Radio Frequency Shielded Enclosures

  • Providing innovative RF shielding solutions for various shielding needs from high-performing RF Shielded enclosures to multi-purpose shielded spaces in commercial, industrial, and government spaces. 

Premium Shielding

RF shielded enclosures constructed of robust, closed frame steel modular panel system to satisfy the highest isolation requirements. Complimented by highly rated RF Shielded door solutions and RF filtered penetrations.

 Attenuation Performance

  100 dB up to 60 GHz and above

  • Galvanized steel sheet with a thickness of 2mm
  • 275 g/m2 galvanization grammage, 20 µm galvanic coating



  • Ideal for sensitive environments needing high-frequency shielding performance.
  • Long-term shielding isolation environments.
  • Watertight applications
  • EMC, Microwave, Wireless, Government, Security, EMP Shielding

Conventional Shielding

RF shielded StrataCore enclosures constructed of galvanized steel and wood core modular panel system to satisfy conventional shielding performing needs. Complimented with superior RF Shielded Door solution and RF filtered penetrations.

Attenuation Performance 

100 dB up to 20 GHz

  • 28ga. Galvanized steel panels laminated to ¾” high density fiberboard
  • Hat/Flat steel clamp system



  • Ideal for environments needing RF shielding performance up to 20 GHz.
  • EMC, Microwave, Wireless, Government
  • SCIF, EMP Shielding, Faraday Cage

Specialty Shielding

Architectural specialty shielding construction of Aluminum Foil treatments can be utilized to treat existing or new construction spaces to help isolate, control or shield an environment from external RF interference or wireless  communication. 

Frequency Range

800 MHz to 10 GHz

  • Variety of conductive shielding materials
  • Multi-layered RF Aluminum Foil or Copper Foil


  • Ideal for environments needing minimum shielding isolation environments.
  • Existing finished spaces
  • Large spaces areas / Conference rooms
  • Microwave, Wireless, Government, Security, EMP, IOT device testing and simulation spaces.

G90 Pan Shielding



Inside Bolted Shielding


Sandwich Shielding

Conductive Surface Shielding


Aerospace & Defense

Consumer Electronics