Ensuring a Precise & Quality Experience at Every Milestone

Project Management

Planning for ever-evolving technology: We tailor our fully engineered services to suit your precise needs for today, while planning for your future growth.

Our highly qualified employees are available to you for each phase of the project, to contribute their long-standing experience and customer service.

Your team can reap the benefits of having our extremely specialized company join your initiative.

Verification Measurements

Our calibrated test equipment can determine a variety of electromagnetic properties in you test field.

Available Test Procedures
Shielding attenuation
Normalized Site Attenuation (NSA)
Field uniformity
Ambient noise
Automotive test site validation (CISPR 25)
Special non-standardized tests based on requirements

Enhancements & Relocation

AP Americas makes sure that you are prepared if new standards define stricter requirements for your test chamber.

If you want to move your entire chamber to a different location or use your current system components to build a larger chamber at an alternate site, AP Americas is your partner. The flexibility of our systems and engineers guarantees the efficient implementation of your planning.

Inspections & Maintenance

AP Americas offers maintenance and service agreements that could include verification of performance for the following components:

Doors & Gates
Antenna Masts
Positioning Equipment

AP Americas services are not limited to only our products. Our expertise includes the service and maintenance of any competitor's product.