Microwave Chambers

Engineered Craftsmanship

Reliable Wireless Technology Thanks to Premium Test Chambers

Quality in all Parts

Microwave Chamber Solutions Supporting the Test & Measurement Industry

Testing laboratories for antenna and microwave radiation

  • Provides engineering, manufacturing, and installation services
  • Anechoic chambers and shielded rooms for near-field, far-field, compact range, or wireless antenna chambers. 
  • Designed for frequencies extending from 70 MHz to 110 GHz and above.



Antenna Measurement

Tests of non-mounted antenna for near field (NF), far-field (FF) applications or as compact range solutions.

Over-The-Air Testing (OTA)

Testing of wireless communication devices such as smartphones or tablets, based on the standards applied by the industry association CTIA

IOT Wireless Devices

Testing of the antenna properties of IOT and other devices

Radar Cross-Section

Testing of the radar cross-section (RCS).


Testing of electromagnetic permeability for domed structures protecting antenna.


Aerospace & Defense

Consumer Electronics



1. Microwave Chamber Highlights
Broadband high-performance absorbers by Emerson & Cuming Anechoic Chambers (E&C)
- Available for a wide range of RF applications
- Specialty absorbers for high powered applications
2. Microwave Chamber Highlights
Proficient Quality
- Rigid quality management standards
- Thoroughly tested RF shielded components
- Professional project management for clear communication and outstanding punctuality
- EMI-hardened LED Lighting
3. Microwave Chamber Highlights
High Performing Galvanized Steel Construction
- Extended mechanical stability
- Excellent corrosion protection through galvanization
- Starting performance at 100 dB isolation up to 20 GHz
- Fast & Durable Installation
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Range of Services

All Test Applications in the Microwave Range

Antenna measurement, OTA, IOT, or RCS.

Customized Solutions in all Sizes

From wireless measurement chambers to aircraft testing hangers.

Self-Supporting Construction or Pre-Existing Structures

A custom, self-supported chamber or designed to be supported by the existing facility.