Advanced Broadband Quality Absorber Solutions

  • Manufacturing RF absorber for over 50 years 
  • Mechanical alignment available
  • Wide variety of sizes available, up to 98″ (250cm)
  • Compliant to REACH & RoHS
  • High power density up to 15 kW/M(2) available 

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Extensive selection of one of the highest quality and performing Radio Frequency Absorbers in market today

The well established and reputable Emerson & Cuming, an Albatross Projects company, has been supplying anechoic absorbers to the Microwave and EMC markets for over 50 years. This allows AP Americas to deliver exceptional and reliable broadband anechoic chamber solutions that are environmentally friendly in general accordance to IEC60068-2-1 and AATCC 30-IV (2004).

EMC Chamber Applications


Hybrid absorbers are the most frequently used variants in EMC chambers. They are a combination of ferrite absorbers and pyramid absorbers. While the ceramic ferrite tiles are good for a frequency range up to one gigahertz, the pyramid-shaped foam absorbers are ideal for the higher range of 1–40 gigahertz and above. 

Fine-Tuning the Performance of Hybrid Absorbers (Matching-Layer Technology)

We install layers of polyurethane foam in varying thickness below the pyramid absorbers for optimized absorption performance.




We use quadratic nickel-zinc ferrite with a side length of ten centimeters. Their absorption principle is based on electromagnetic interaction with the HF radiation. The bolt connections sustainably prevent the tiles from dislodging.

Truncated Polyurethane

Our truncated absorbers are made of carbon-infused polyurethane foam. They are available in many sizes and variants to ideally accommodate the individual customer needs. 


Microwave Absorbers

Broadband Microwave Pyramidal Absorbers, WAVASORB™ VHP Series

Advanced Broadband carbon-loaded urethane-foam absorbers with operating frequencies of 100 MHz to 500 GHz.
Can be mechanically attached or adhered as part of a variety of aplications such as: Wireless, Far-Field, Near-Field, Antenna ranges, mmW up to 500 GHz test frequencies.

Broadband Walkable Absorber, WAVASORB™ VHP-FL Series

High load-bearing and rigid low-density polyurethane Walkable absorbers allows for the ability to maintain RF anechoic chamber performance with no reflectivity degration up to 45(degrees) at off-normal angles of incidence.

High-Power and Medium-Power Absorbers,
Hollow, Type HFX/HFS

For applications with high radiant energy density in electromagnetic near-field environments, compact range tests or satellite tests. HFX absorbers can be used safely without additional cooling up to a radiant energy density of 15 kW/m2. They are available in three sizes with heights of 45.7 cm, 66 cm and 91.4 cm. HFS absorbers are best for radiant energy density of up to 3 kW/m2.

Wedge Absorbers
Type WG

Wedge-shaped polyurethane absorbers are used in the determination of the radar cross section (RCS), in compact range tests and in tapered absorption chambers, due to their special reflection behavior. They are available in five sizes, ranging from 12.7 to 50.4 centimeters in height.

Broadband Absorbers,
Hollow Type HHP-60

Broadband absorbers are large, hollow pyramid absorbers with outstanding broadband absorption ranging from 100 MHz to 10 GHz. They guarantee attenuation of more than 25 dB from only 100 MHz. HHP-60 absorbers are used above all in the automotive, aviation and aerospace and defense sectors.


Aerospace & Defense

Consumer Electronics