EMC Chambers

Standard and Custom Designs available

  • Reliable solution exceeding industry standards
  • Modular Chamber Construction
  • over 10,000 successful chamber installations
  • mechanical absorber attachments
High Perfoming EMC Test

AP Americas - Global solution provider in engineering and construction of EMC Chambers.

Preventing EMI Interference

  • Examine electromagnetic interaction between electrical devices and their environment in a neutral, stable, and repeatable setting.
  • Prevent unwanted electromagnetic signals and reflections during testing.
  • Measure radiated emissions and immunity through testing for a wide range of commercial EMC testing applications.

Shielding & Absorption

  • RF Shielding ensures electromagnetic radiation is unable to penetrate or escape the room.
  • RF Absorption prevents radiation reflection during testing, enabling the creation of comparable and consistent testing conditions.
  • See Absorber for detailed data sheets.


1. EMC Chamber Highlights
Manufacturer of a 100dB attenuation door solution up to 40 GHz with a single contact spring.
2. EMC Chamber Highlights
Manufacture and supply mechanically attached hybrid EMC absorbers.
- Coverage from 9kHz to 100 GHz
3. EMC Chamber Highlights
Proven ferrite design for a guaranteed performance
- Mechanical attachment and individually fastened tiles
- Running bond pattern installation (maximizing performance and eliminating gaps)
- Maximum performance at 30 MHz
- Optimal impedance match with truncated absorber
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EMC Chambers

  • Reflection Free
  • More compact & cost-effective
  • Reduced testing duration
  • Test subject at a fixed height
  • Ground Plane Reflection
  • For rigorous testing standards requiring full compliance
  • Best for heavy test objects weighing more than 200 kg. 
  • Flexibility in positioning of test subject

Product Solutions

Industry standards

Commercial, Automotive, Military, Residential, Aeronautic

Standard Chambers

Test chambers for measurement testing at 1m, 3m, 5m, and 10m requirements.

Pre-Compliant &
Compliant solutions

Standard chamber configurations available for R&D and product certification.

Semi-Anechoic Chamber or Fully-Anechoic Chamber

For tests with a reflective floor plate or in completely reflection-free chambers.


Aerospace & Defense

Consumer Electronics



Positioning Equipment & EMC Test Accessories

Quality user-friendly positioning equipment
AP Americas offers premium peripheral equipment that allows for precise testing.

Steel integrated turntables flush with ground plane

EMC Compliant Test Tables

Non-conductive surface mounted turntables

Highest quality positioning equipment

Electric or pneumatic antenna masts

Sophisticated positioning equipment with multi-device controlling capability

Special Accessories

Specifically for your application
Do you need special RF low-emission accessories for your application? Contact us for more information.

Positioning unit for wireless devices