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The Albatross Group worldwide

  • Germany

    Albatross Projects GmbH, Nattheim

    – MRI rooms
    – EMC chambers
    – Microwave chambers
    – Test rooms for defence technology
    – Eavesdropping secure rooms

    EMshield, Grasbrunn near Munich

    – Architecturally integrated, Eavesdropping secure rooms

  • USA

    AP Americas Inc., Texas

    – EMC chambers
    – Microwave chambers
    – Test rooms for defense technology
    – Eavesdropping secure rooms
    – Pyramid absorbers

  • China

    Albatross Projects RF Technology (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., Shanghai

    – EMC chambers
    – Microwave chambers
    – Test rooms for
       defense technology
    – Eavesdropping secure rooms
    – Pyramid absorbers

    Albatross Projects RF Technology (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. Suzhou Branch, Suzhou

    – Production site

    E&C Anechoic Chambers 
Asia Ltd., Hong Kong

    – Pyramid absorbers
    – Microwave chambers

  • India

    Albatross Projects RF Technology India Pvt. Ltd., Gandhinagar

    – MRI rooms
    – EMC chambers
    – Microwave chambers
    – Test rooms for defense technology
    – Eavesdropping secure rooms
    – Pyramid absorbers

  • Belgium

    E&C Anechoic Chambers NV, Westerlo

    – Pyramid absorbers
    – Microwave chambers



First shielded chamber for medical applications by Siemens & Halske AG, a predecessor of Albatross Projects. The chamber was built from wood and equipped with copper foil for shielding


Shielding of the electrical system in the Graf Zeppelin airship.


Development of radio frequency connectors for shielding purposes.


Development and construction of power line filters for EMC testing purposes.


Sales of full metal shielding for the radio frequency band (RF). First series of modular RF cabins for a frequency range of up to 35 GHz.


Europe's first shielded absorber chamber, built in Regensburg with proprietary absorber technology by Siemens.


High-voltage test laboratory with up to 750 kV and a size of 46x31x27.5 m.



Solid metal, non-magnetic shielding for the first magnetic resonance imaging equipment (MRI) by the Siemens medical division.


Establishment of the business unit Shielded Rooms at Siemens AG


Establishment of Siemens Matsushita Components GmbH, a joint venture between Siemens and Matsushita.


Introduction of pan-type module shielding for up to 40 GHz.


Europe's largest EMC test centre for Fiat in Italy.


First EMC hall with 10-metre test rig that exceeds the new ±4dB NSA directive.


Management buyout of the Siemens-Matsushita EMC division and foundation of Albatross Projects GmbH.


World's largest automotive test centre for Hyundai Motors in Korea.
First intraoperative MRI room, also known as the Brain Suite.


First fully glazed door for MRI rooms.


First 10-metre absorber hall with an sVSWR test volume of 5 metres in diameter. Redesign of the 10-metre absorber hall at the Bundeswehr Technical Center WTD 81 in Greding with an sVSWR test volume of 9 metres in diameter.


Europe's first intraoperative MRI room with a 1.5 Tesla magnetic field, built in Tübingen, Germany.


The world's tallest multi-purpose hall. LxWxH 40x25x36.1 metres.
Country: China

Testhaus Klein
Straubing, Germany


by Albatross Projects

Modernization of your test chamber with AP Americas

Test chambers by AP Americas are designed
from the get-go for downstream upgrading or relocation
with as little effort as possible.

Verification measurements by AP Americas

We use our calibrated measuring devices
to determine a variety of electromagnetic properties in your
measurement station and chamber.

We build absorber rooms with premium
measuring technology in cooperation
with our partners, e.g.:

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PC Test by AP Americas


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